Passenger counting

3D sensor technology – an advancement in public transport

Our leading sensors use advanced 3D technology to perfect automatic passenger counting on buses and trains. Seven days a week. Around the clock.

efficient, accurate, sturdy sensors from iris

Valuable data for public transport companies

Based on current and updated passenger numbers, transport companies keep track of transport demand and can react flexibly.

Verify transport performance

Optimising routes

Flexible vehicle adaptation

Reduce costs

Reliable determination of passenger load

Connection to the on-board computer allows further real-time processing of the data collected. This means a wide range of options for improved planning, optimisation and evaluation of the entire traffic network for transport companies.

Passenger counting for optimum vehicle frequency

The combination of historical data and real-time calculations makes passenger flows more transparent. Accordingly, vehicle frequency can be optimally planned and flexibly adjusted throughout the network using the data from Automatic Passenger Counting.

Flexible adjustment of vehicle capacity

Long-term passenger counting allows public transport companies to optimally adjust their vehicle capacities to transport volume. Are articulated buses or minibuses necessary? How many train units must be deployed, and on which line? In this way, transport providers can adapt even on short notice and adjust capacities to meet the actual demand.

Vehicle equipment in line with passenger requirements

Thanks to advanced and sophisticated technology, Automatic Passenger Counting provides more data than just passenger quantities. The sensor system reliably distinguishes between baggage and transportation-related objects such as wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers. This enables more reliable determination of the space required in the vehicle as well as the implementation of wheelchair access ramps as required.

Efficient optimization of routes

The data from Automatic Passenger Counting form the ideal basis for efficient route optimization. The passenger numbers from each vehicle can be aggregated easily. This helps public transport companies recognize transport demand in good time and virtually simulate adaptations on the network level.

Effective passenger guidance using real-time data

Based on the real-time data determined by Automatic Passenger Counting from each of the train units, passengers can be directed to available seats while they are still waiting on the platform. A color-coded ranking system (mimicking traffic lights) can reliably indicate the occupancy of incoming trains. Passengers can thus spread out among the vehicles in an optimum way, and short connection times increase travelling comfort.

Revenue determined based on performance

Modern systems for passenger counting work around the clock and are cost-efficient and highly accurate. Adults, children, wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles: The 3D sensors collect differentiated data on the transport performance of a public transport company in line with international standards, providing the basis for accurate revenue determination based on said performance.

iris offers an internationally leading system for intelligent passenger counting

Founded in 1991 in Berlin Schöneweide, iris now has over 110 permanent employees. iris is a medium-sized industrial company with local production, research and development.

200.000 doors  worldwide equipped with IRMA counting systems

IRMA counting systems are in use in numerous metropolises around the world. In Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Montreal, Vienna, Salzburg, Gothenburg, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Atlanta, our sensors provide reliable data for determining passenger flows.

Proven concepts, innovative technologies and highest reliability are the principles of our product development.  Different requirements require different approaches - iris offers a solution for every application.

Thoroughly thought through and constantly further developed, they have become an indispensable instrument of counting in public transport. As a service partner and user, we particularly emphasize these values of iris products.

Ernst Tobler, Senior Project Manager, Gorba AG Switzerland

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