Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr-GmbH (rnv)

Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr-GmbH (rnv) with its headquarters in Mannheim/Germany operates the urban rail, streetcar and bus lines in the German cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen as well as large depots in these cities.

Mannheim, Germany

New specification VDV 457 2.0: Automatic passenger counting system by iris-GmbH successfully certified with a max. counting error of 1%.

As part of the certification of the entire automatic passenger arrangement system of rnv using IRMA sensors and the planfahrt background system, all partial systems were subjected to an in-depth test by TCAC-GmbH from Dresden/Germany.

In spring 2015 the certification body TCAC-GmbH confirmed that the counting systems by iris have a measuring accuracy of more than 99%. The error rate of 0.9% regarding passengers boarding the vehicle and of -0.2% for persons alighting from it is even below the limits indicated by the new specification VDV457,in terms of both the number of passengers transported and the transport performance (number of passenger kilometers). Specification VDV 457 2.0 (2015) was adopted only this year. The planfahrt background system by SIGNON Deutschland GmbH (formerly Hamburg-Consult) was subjected to certification. The result was that the system comprising, among other elements, the components ‘planning of test rides’, ‘quality testing’, ‘settlement of balances’ and ‘extrapolation’ meets all requirements of the new VDV 457 specification. The expert opinion of Dr. Ritschel (TCAC GmbH Dresden) states that rnv absolutely fulfils the hardware and software prerequisites to the use of the automatic passenger counting system for earnings distribution in the Rhein-Neckar transport association.

rnv will use its existing automatic passenger counting system for the demand-driven earnings distribution in the transport association (VRN).

In total, the transport companies own more than 350 streetcars and buses. More than 25% of these vehicles are equipped with an automatic passenger counting system. At present more than 90 vehicles are equipped with IRMA counting devices of the IRMA 3D or the IRMA ADVANCED types. In the rnv transport association, iris counting units have been in use since 2001.

The data and information from automatic passenger counting are not only used for planning and earnings distribution purposes, but also serve as a basis for decision-making on the presently planned extension of the route network: As part of the “Stadtbahn-Nord” project, lines 4 and/or 5 will be extended via Wohlgelegen and Käfertal to the district of Gartenstadt and supplemented by other (shuttle) buses in this area. It was the automatic passenger counting program which provided the passenger data pivotal to this project.

In addition, automatic passenger counting is already now used for a wide range of tasks. The automatically obtained counting data help particularly in the determination of vehicle sizes, the evaluation of passenger complaints or the dimensioning of detour routes. Additionally, the data are used for documenting an increased demand for an improved scope of transport offers. For example, the double-track development of line 5, increased frequencies at the weekend or in the evening allowed additional revenue to be generated.

Therefore the IRMA passenger counting systems by iris-GmbH was again granted the sought-after seal of approval “Max. 1% error in counting”.

(Translation of a press article in „Verkehr + Technik“ Nr. 2 2016)

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