Sophisticated sensor technology for accurate passenger counting

The IRMA MATRIX sensor is a proven and efficient tool for passenger counting. It is fitted with reliable time-of-flight technology for the determination of the number of persons and objects in 3D. This allows public transport companies to automatically count passengers and reliably establish the number of passenger-kilometres travelled. Thus, transport performance can be accurately documented, and revenue determined based on performance.

Ready for modern real-time service

The sturdy sensor housing is well armed for daily operation in buses and trains and can be mounted effortlessly. Via a connector, IRMA MATRIX can be easily connected to Ethernet or CAN and configured. Passenger numbers can be transmitted in real time, making them available for use in other modern public transport services.

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Power over Ethernet


Bicycle count

IBIS-IP ready

IRMA MATRIX counts on proven technology

IRMA MATRIX has been operating at a very high level of accuracy for many years now. When being utilized for passenger counting, a 3D sensor matrix measures the distance from objects with a resolution of 500 pixels. This system uses time-of-flight technology. The integral signal processor then evaluates the 3D material, transmitting it to the on-board computer or cloud.

More about Time-of-Flight

Reliable passenger counting

Based on the 3D frames captured, IRMA MATRIX can automatically determine accurate passenger numbers. Thanks to precise sensor definition, objects like wheelchairs, strollers or bicycles can be detected and displayed separately. Even in low light, passenger counting with IRMA MATRIX is accomplished successfully, as sensor operation does not depend on ambient light.

How passenger counting works

Effortless mounting of the IRMA MATRIX

Manual adjustment of the sensor is not required. IRMA MATRIX is available as a flush-mount or surface-mount version - saving installation time. The straightforward installation concept will be retained for subsequent generations so that upgrades to the latest IRMA hardware are quick and simple.

Dimensions (W x H x L)

Flush mount version sCON-F: 58 x 36 x 188 mm
Flush mount version sCON-S:  58 x 43 x 188 mm
Surface mount version sCON-S:  53 x 43 x 165.5 mm
Sensor: 58 x 22 x 188 mm 


Aluminum pressure casting housing
Optical openings made of synthetic materials (polycarbonat)

Protection class

IP65 (IP67 on request)


Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s
CAN, max. 125 kbit/s


Interface: iris-connector (sCON)

Wiring system

M12 connectors for Ethernet or CAN
Cable according to EN45545-2 and EN50306


500 pixel


1.24 million hours

Required external lighting


Minimum installation height

Allowing passengers to pass upright underneath the sensor, > 1.80 m

Vehicle integration / System architecture

Option 1
Ethernet via API, VDV301, direct UDP
Option 2
Gateway to IBIS and J1708 

Power supply

24 VDC or 48 V PoE
power consumption: typically 6 W; 8 W PoE

Weight without iris-Connector (sCON)

Surface mount version: approx. 260 g
Flush mount version: approx. 340 g

Flush/Surface mount versions

For installation situations with low overall height, the sCON-F offers mounting and cable connection in one.

sCON-S Surface mount version
sCON-F Einbauvariante: Für Einbausituationen mit geringer Bauhöhe bietet der sCON-F Befestigung und Kabelanschluss in einem.
sCON-F Flush mount version
sCON-S Flush mount version
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