Sky Harbor International Airport

Sky Harbor, international airport of Phoenix, is the first airport that uses our 500-pixel-sensor IRMA MATRIX.

Phoenix, AZ (USA)

The Time of Flight

Phoenix Sky Harbor is the first airport in the US to deploy the new 500-pixel IRMA MATRIX array sensor developed by iris-GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The PHX Sky TrainTM is an automated train that will transport travelers between the 44th Street and Washington METRO light rail, the East Economy parking area and Terminal 4 in its first stage. Stage one, between METRO light rail, East Economy parking and Terminal 4 opened 1st quarter of 2013.

Phoenix-based Bridge Technology is installing the APC-system for the Airport’s new PHX Sky Train. The new Time-of-Flight technology (TOF), with MATRIX Sensors, is designed to keep the trains operating efficiently. “Sky Train customers will benefit with less congestion, which means getting to their destination with less hassle,” said Ian McDonald, CEO of Bridge Technology.

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