APC + CCTV | Impressions from APTA EXPO 2023

| 2023-11-07 |

iris Inc. exhibited at APTA’s most important public transportation event in the US from October 9-11, 2023. At APTA EXPO 2023 in Orlando, FL, technology experts and public transit representatives came together to collaborate and share ideas.

Advanced APC and video surveillance solutions for accurate passenger monitoring

At APTA EXPO 2023, we presented our latest sensor generation, the IRMA 6 R2, and introduced the HYDRA IP video surveillance (CCTV) system.

Our APC solutions play an important role in improving passenger experience.

They are specifically designed for public transport and enable accurate counting, even under difficult conditions such as confined spaces, extreme weather conditions, vibrations and darkness.

The IRMA passenger counting sensors use advanced image processing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to accurately count passengers and objects in real time. The sensors are already in use in more than 150 transit agencies in North America. And many of them were on site with us at APTA EXPO.  

The latest IRMA 6 R2 sensor is a valuable source of data for improving public transportation services. It is a Plug&Play device, IoT-enabled, ITxPT certified and compliant with cybersecurity standards.

The highly accurate passenger data can be used to optimize routes, adjust vehicle sizes, efficiently distribute revenue, reduce wait times, and tailor transportation services to meet passenger needs. 

Video surveillance is a powerful tool

for vehicle monitoring, vandalism prevention, real-time video alarm management, and improving passenger and employee safety while minimizing unjustified insurance claims.

HYDRA IP, a mobile recorder for video surveillance, offers customized data interfaces, AI-powered features, and integrated cellular connectivity.

What makes our solution so unique is the flexibility to use IRMA sensors and HYDRA IP mobile recorders independently or as a combined solution that provides both raw passenger data and video surveillance functions in one device.

If you could not make it to the expo or missed our booth, please feel free to reach out anytime.

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