IRMA onAir

Reliable & Real-Time Counting of Passengers in Transportation

Are you ready for the Internet of Counting Sensors?

Electric buses driving autonomous, Ride-Hailing services through apps, what will be next? We believe there should be an empty seat available for you.


Sensors connect to the Internet and send their data directly to a Cloud-based back end.

Real-Time Ridership

Ridership, geolocations and timestamps for your mobile App.

Real-Time Ridership in the Cloud

IRMA onAir is the cloud-based, IoT operating system from iris that connects to counting sensors of your fleet. It serves as data source for your real-time apps and business intelligence solutions in the Cloud.

Bring your own Mobile Router

Use your own LTE mobile router for streaming APC data into the Cloud or use the IRMA Hub, created by iris.

A mobile router from iris for passenger counting applications comes with GPS, GSM and Ethernet support.

Mobile router from iris



4 Doors  

16 Doors





Your own Mobile Router

Bring your own LTE mobile router that fits your needs best.

Light-weight IoT protocols

The IRMA counting sensors speak modern IoT protocols such as MQTT and HTTP to send passenger counting data into a Cloud. Then the data is stored and made available to ITS and CAD/AVL systems.

MQTT and HTTP are communication protocols which are both used in the IoT domain for data transmission across wireless networks, such as GSM.

MQTT is an IoT publish/subscribe protocol that sends your APC data instantly to a Cloud-based. The data gets distributed immediately to third-party apps subscribing to it. Host your own MQTT Broker on-premises or use IRMA onAir SaaS in the iris Cloud. 

HTTP is a well-known protocol based on a request/response approach, originally designed for serving websites. Nowadays it is also commonly used for IoT use cases. HTTP requires hosting an HTTP server in the Cloud, which can be acquired through IRMA onAir SaaS or hosted on-premises.

You build the App, we provide the ridership data

IRMA onAir is scalable and real-time. Integrate our counting data into your mobile apps and let your customers know which route to take according to vehicle load. They will be thankful and experience less stress during rush hours.



Popular Cloud BI platforms connect to IRMA onAir

IRMA onAir is BI ready. Third-Party tools such as Microsoft Power BI Service connect to the Web-API easily to retrieve all the counting and maintenance data on a daily basis.

While we take care of 99% counting accuracy, you can improve the network, plan vehicle capacities and report to authorities.


REST-API Developer Guide

Use the Reporting REST-API to easily and securely retrieve Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) Data. The Reporting API contains resource collections for retrieval of stops, waypoints, door opening times, device lists and Microsoft® Excel® reports.

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