IRMA 6 is ITxPT certified!

| 2023-07-18 |

ITxPT promotes standardized IT systems in public transport to increase efficiency and innovation.


IRMA 6 has been successfully certified according to ITxPT.

The sensor module for automatic passenger counting (APC) has met all requirements in the ITxPT labeling process. 

With its ITxPT v2.1.1 certification, the IRMA 6 sensor is thus a standardized, interoperable and future-proof product that provides reliable passenger counting data and enables seamless integration with other public transport IT systems, resulting in improved operational efficiency and passenger services.

About ITxPT

ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) is a non-profit industry assocation that aims to promote interoperability and standardization of public transport IT systems and products. 
ITxPT provides a framework of open standards, specifications and guidelines that enable different IT solutions and devices in public transport to work together seamlessly.

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