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| 2023-12-15 |

This year, we once again supported initiatives that are committed to environmental protection, sustainability and social projects.

Photo by PLANT-MY-TREE®. Die Stiftung

As the year draws to a close, we want to express our gratitude to all our customers and business partners for their trust and collaboration.

It was an eventful year, marked by many challenges and moments when the world seemed upside down.

In our commitment to fostering positive change, we consciously refrained from material gifts and postcards again this year. Instead, we supported the following initiatives dedicated to environmental protection, sustainability, and social responsibility. 

Hikkaduwa Verein e.V.

The contribution to the Hikkaduwa association (Hikkaduwa Verein e.V.) was particularly important to us. The non-profit association takes on and arranges school sponsorships for pupils at several schools in Sri Lanka who would not have a chance of a comprehensive education without donations. The donations cover the costs of lessons, teaching materials, transportation and medical care at the school.

The Hikkaduwa association celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and we have been supporting the association with donations for almost as long. Some iris employees also act as "sponsors" in direct exchange with students in Sri Lanka.

Learn more here

"School must be different" („Schule muss anders“)

For many years, we have also supported the "Berlin Citizens' Platforms" (Berliner Bürgerplattformen) network, which is committed to a diverse, fair and strong urban society in various areas.

This year, we supported the "School must be different" (Schule muss anders) project.

In this open campaign, the focus is on advocating for improved conditions in education, greater equality of opportunities, and participation to make schools better and fairer - because access to good education for everyone is crucial for a well-functioning society.

Learn more here


SV Energie Berlin e.V.

SV Energie Berlin e.V. is a rowing club with over 100 years of tradition near our Berlin location. Here, children and teenagers have the opportunity to train rowing several times a week for a small fee. The costs are largely covered by parents and donations. In addition to the sporting aspect, club life is an important point of contact in everyday life. For example, the children and young people meet at the club and help each other with their homework. There is a strong bond with the club and the children often remain loyal to the club as volunteer coaches into adulthood.

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Photo: SV Energie Berlin e.V.

PLANT-MY-TREE®. Die Stiftung

The foundation is committed to preserving our nature by acquiring and protecting meadows, forests and moors. As a result, more than 1,000,000 trees have already been preserved in Germany. This year, the foundation has planted around 12,000 trees throughout Germany - in Dudeldorf, Lasel, Schweringen, Itzehoe, Lüdenscheid, Dunningen, Bischbrunn, Lindlar, Wiefelstede and Bad-Belzig. We are delighted that our donation is helping to reduce emissions, preserve biodiversity, strengthen the resilience of nature and protect resources through the reforestation and maintenance of trees.

Learn more here

Photo: PLANT-MY-TREE®. Die Stiftung

The upcoming year holds promises of new opportunities to develop innovative solutions that make public transport sustainable, attractive and safe – and to support positive change and progress.

We look forward to embarking on this journey together with our customers and business partners, and the initiatives we are supporting.

On behalf of the entire iris team, we wish everyone peaceful holidays, and a happy and healthy start into the New Year!

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